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This is the Changelog for version 0.1.2, changes made in this version can be viewed on the subversion repository here and can be downloaded from here. This version was released to the public on 21st January 2009.The specific changes in this version are as follows:

  • Rewrite of comments as documentation is completed, all comments direct people to relevant doc page on Pwiki wiki. (r11)
  • Superseded preg_match finding of <input> tags with function inputRetrieve (r11)
  • Created function function inputRetrieve which uses DOMDocument:: to retrieve <input> tag information. (r11)
  • Added some more comments about defaults. (r11)
  • Fixed tab usage in some parts of the code. (r11)
  • Updated function function putPage to have option to use either API or POST editing. (r10)
  • POST editing uses the DOMDocument classes instead of regexes to
  • retrieve HTML source information. (r10)
  • Added var $apiedit (default: bool TRUE) to allow user choice between API and POST editing. (r10)
  • Updated var $changelog link to correct address. (r9)
  • Moved some documentation around. (r9)
  • Fixed notification to append to set talk page, instead of blanking set owner's userpage. (r8)
  • Fixed variables to work without dynamic elements. (r8)
  • Fixed function checkRun message notifying of no block. (r8)
  • Moved error message of talk page notification outside of var $postermsg (r8)
  • Made it so the most recent error message is appended to var $errmessage and set it's default to "[1] Unknown Error - See log output for details" (r8)
  • Commented out var $filename pending investigation of syntax error. (r8)
  • Syntax fixes (r7,r6)
  • Reworked function function readConfigurationFile to allow the inclusion of any var in the configuration file. (r5,r4)
  • Changed description of function readConfigurationFile to point to website. (r5r4)
  • Added talk page notification of errors into function _error (r5)
  • Added assorted vars associated with the talk page notification. (r5)
  • Small documentation changes (r5)

Important note: PHPediaWiki now requires PHP5 due to its use of the DOMDocument classes in putPage(). This does not effect users using API editing.

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